Ghost Stories

by SkyDive

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We make a lot of music. We make it for ourselves, for each other, about ourselves, about our scars and dreams and the ways they collide. Independently we make a lot of music. Together, though, it's taken a while.

Three years ago we met in a high school computer lab, and over those three years our music has found its shape. We've built so many songs just to trash them. We've been growing, and learning, and finally everything's in place to show you what we've been crafting.

We have given this EP our hours, hearts, hands, voices, and everything else in the kitchen sink. We're so excited to show this to you, but you should know, we have something big behind our backs. This is the start, the introduction. We hope you like it enough to stick around and see what else we can come up with in our bedrooms. The songs will get bigger, and better. That's the plan. That, and find some time to save the world.


released June 20, 2015

Vocals and Lyrics - Jack Mason-Brase
Composition, Production and Mixing - Khue Bui and Jack Mason-Brase



all rights reserved


SkyDive Irvine, California

We are SkyDive. We make electronic indie synthpop music in our bedrooms in between going to class and saving the world.

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Track Name: Space!
oh! ohh! OH!
Track Name: 17
Don't you want to know what my lips taste like
"Don't you want to know why I've been waiting outside?" she said
If you say it now I'm not sure I can take it
It's been four years of waiting on the other side of friends

Oh but I'm thinking don't you want to, don't you want to
get a little taste of me
I've been running circles backwards
Just trying to say your name
Don't you hear it, can't you feel it
The magic in the air, four years it's been there

I want you to run to me, feel my name touch your mouth
whisper so sweetly that this becomes holy ground
I've been desperately trying to do without
But I want you, and I've wanted you since you were 17

You touch me and take me back to when we met again
Like the time capsule's between your fingertips
Whisper in my ear so sweetly at thirteen
Oh, I am falling for the ghost that nobody else can see

Oh but babe I want to, oh I want to
feel you in my veins
Getting closer, coming up on the cliff of 23
I've been fighting, staying alive and craving your ghostly sound
not sure if anyone hears it, but I understand it now


We could make it better
If we could make it better
If we could just feel better
They all say it gets better

And it just got better for me

Track Name: If Only I Did
25, you have 25
I have nineteen times around
You say a couple words and i fall in love
with the way the vowels hit the edges of your mouth
I've got such good intentions, i won't get in the way
of this life that you've had roaring like it's breaking out of its cage
and this isn't the first night
your honesty breaks me

Baby you don't want me, don't want me at all
And baby you don't need to say it anymore
I know the ways these thoughts will play around your head
You say if only i did, "If only i did
we'd be the best damn thing i have ever had"
There's no way now that you can take those words back
I'll spend the rest of the year trying to fall for someone else's kiss
if only i did, if only i did

17, I was never good at staring
You were always better showing off
We're on your bed and just separated by
two layers of cloth
And i've got such bad intentions, i want my heart broken
your words sound like they're poison and I want to be choking
There's always been a hope that soon you'll wanna try
take these years of hurt, and see me in a different light

You'd be so good to me
And I'd be so good to you
You'd be so good to me
And I'd be so good right back to you

Who can I love if I just love you
How do I heal if I just keep getting bruised
You turn the corner and I still only see you

The next time you're here we don't even speak
you touch my hand and it helps me breathe
I'm gonna drown inside your tenerife

Track Name: Demon
Oh pretty girl, settle down
I'm not trying to kill you
Remember the first time that we met?
I said you could be beautiful if you gave more of yourself
You were ten

But you worked for it and now I've made it easier
In your kitchen I just watch you scream
And maybe you should try to let me in more
I can't help you breathe

But you'll lose all you've gained
it's just a give and take
you bleed and ache, they love you more
You'll just have misery, either way
but you choose what's healthiest

But do you really want that more than love?
Do you really want that more than her hands around your waist?
'Cause you know if you stop the drugs
You'll lose your mind but look like you've won the race

You don't have to worry anymore
I'll take care of it
I have my hands tied to your wrists
And you don't have to fight this anymore
We could stain her now but it's worth the risk, it's worth it

You know that it's just five
Well get there overnight
Give me an inch I'll run a mile for you

No one will know this pain
Don't you dare say anything
We do what we have to do


How can you sleep
How can you eat, breathe, close your eyes and wake up free
I stay alive, just give me one day at a time
If I take the options off the table I see them sewn into my sleeve

I lost the weight that you told me to
Destroyed my health and sanity
And no one loved me more as a skeleton
My personality gone, burned with the calories
When the lights are out in this midnight house
The darkest demon is still inside myself
Haunting my bones like a ghost story
Telling me not to tell anyone else

But I choose life, I choose hope
I choose to spend nights alone instead of letting you both hold
My broken body, my sanity
My tired voice, when you have me by the throat and you suffocate me I won't die
I'll be crying and trying to just get through the night
We all have battles we're born to win
And I promise you this is mine, this is mine
Track Name: Introduction
Do you not think you're perfect
Do you even know who you are
I have watched your lips draw perfect lines
Across a thousand lonely heart
Lately you've been talking louder
Not sure you'll ever love at all
You said the future's all in question
Once mine is finally about to start

And I could save the world
I could be your girl
Could let you fall in love and
I want to survive
Just get through a night
Trying not to think about us

[epic bass drop]