Dancing in the Ashes

by SkyDive

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Pigfoot Nosebeggar I randomly stumbled upon this band and I am so happy I did. I loved the cover art and thats what drew me in. It's rare for me to find such a gem on bandcamp that I absolutely have to buy it. They're the Florence & The Machine of synthpop. Absolutely stunning and the soundtrack of my summer! Favorite track: 1982.
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    We decided for this EP to give each CD (as in the CD's themselves) a character. Below are the choices; Wolfgang the wolf (he may be a werewolf, you'll have to ask him), Honey the bear, Tatiana Mooslany the moose, Trentacles the giant octopus, Elliot the elephant, and Cat the raccoon.

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We had a plan; make an EP, call it Ghost Stories, send it out to the world and take our time making a full length record. That plan came to an unexpected turn; around December, when I was going through a particularly rough time, I looked toward writing and producing music to pull me through. I brought the idea of an EP to Khue, with just a name and a couple song ideas. Five months later and Dancing In The Ashes was created. Khue and I put so much time, energy, thought and heart into the production behind these stories. 1982, the record’s second track, is a story I’ve never told before. Peace and Quiet, track 4, is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. And then there’s The Witching Hour and H-E-L-P, both songs that took trying times and turned them into dancing. A Room Filled With Smoke, track 3, is about a woman I miss dearly. And then the record closes with The Cat Song, track six, which is the only song I’ve co-written with someone (Khue). Writing this song with him is a beautiful memory that I’ll carry for a long time.


When Jack asked me about the idea of an EP, I was completely on board with it, because I couldn't wait until we finished a full album to let people hear more of our music. In the end, after months of writing, recording, and producing, Dancing in the Ashes came together as a coherent story that both of us are really proud of.


released April 27, 2016



all rights reserved


SkyDive Irvine, California

We are SkyDive. We make electronic indie synthpop music in our bedrooms in between going to class and saving the world.

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Track Name: The Witching Hour
The darkness is alive
You won't find me in the light
Your lips find me when the lights are out
And I want to feel alive
Pull me in like i'm the tide
and your skin is the moon at the witching hour

This room is cold
But your hands they flame and burn my freezing soul
this isn't the heart you know
this isn't

You reach towards me
Closed eyes hands tied, my faith and sanity screams
This isn't who I wanted to be
So distant

The lines and blurred and I don't mind
You pull between a friend, a love, a girl who doesn't know her worth and
I falter between soul mate and a sacrifice


I hear the chills
Oh I hear them running down your spine
Like the snowfall miles away
Tearing through the neighborhood when I close my eyes

You say my name
Love, I can't keep secrets from your New York eyes
I tell you I’m so broken, so close to giving in And you say "Oh but you haven’t and that makes you clean tonight"


The lines are blurred
I want you to stay here in this home
But I tend to hurt my friends

The lines are blurred
When you kiss my screen
'Cause when my skin's covered by my demons
You still see me

But who do you love
We're in the woods dear and not getting up
I get so lost inside this forest fire I forget that I'm the cause
But I'll still be dancing in the ashes when the sun gets up

Track Name: 1982
My weakness
Is my sisters name
Flooding through the room
Across these waters, who really knows what to say

Her red hair like a flame,
And my mothers shade, the same
Oh i can feel her, feel her here
In this broken house of ours
That’s tearing us apart
And keeping her inside picture frames and tears

I am so so sorry
I was looking for peace
In the graveyard you’ve been haunting
In the places you try to sleep

1982 has you

My silence does more than speech
Quietly asking what she needs

Our mother’s down the hall
And she’s not fine at all
I don’t know how to be who she wants to see
Maybe you want me to be strong
Or maybe you don’t care at all
Or maybe I’m not enough to set her free

Still i am trying, can't you see it
There’s cards and there’s photographs
And she tells me who she thought you’d be
Before the other side took you back

But 1982 has you

My weakness is my mother's tears
Or maybe it’s the words you’d say if you were here
I’ve seen the sky bend past the break and bend back again
And this time I’ll survive I’ll put the safety on and say

Oh friend, please
I only see you in my sleep
When I close my eyes and you
Come alive in dreams

1982 has you
Track Name: A Room Filled With Smoke
Imagine if we gave this one last night
Lie in this bed, take your time love
I'll never fall asleep, I say
But either way you wake up

I am the badlands when you run
The in-between "forever" and "just because you're here"
And I said "okay" to this once
But I forget promises my dear

When you're gone
I'm not even the first to know
Thought we were anything but empty
But we were just a room filled with smoke

Don't know if I thought you'd change your mind
Don't know what I thought you'd find in me
And the perfume that you traced with your fingertips and lips
Doesn't want to leave

But I'm glad you're honest when you've had enough
And who am I to tell you what to want
So I only say stay
When I know you're gone

But I was wrong
I never thought you'd feel so cold
Thought we were anything but empty
But we were just a room filled with smoke

I write this like you aren't nine months gone
Like what you found in someone else wasn't true love
And we don't talk that often anymore
So we can pretend I don't miss you all that much
Track Name: Peace and Quiet
It speaks in silence
Don't look in my eyes
They're too red to find me
And I'm still searching
Thought I found purpose
thought i found enough to
stop my minds violence
can you hear me can you tell me why everything here is silent
I am too self aware to build any more disguises of hope and trust that this will resolve, there's no sirens
There's no saving in this story with those meant to be dying

Forget sex drugs, a couple songs with buzz
Is there anything I can do just to feel loved
So I starve, scar, wake up and tear apart
The jeans shrink, the size screams, the seams of my heart
Are tied to the number, tied around my waist
And hers like my hands that hurt and the burns on my skin from the flames
That I am running to, running towards, I promise I try to run away
But I am always followed by weight

So many stories
The first time I cut my skin is unimportant
Some people ask for an age, lower the number greater the pain
But it's the nights you'll never hear about that were my poison
My best friend doesn't know the ways I've prayed to be adjourned and
My girlfriend doesn't know about the binge I swore I wouldn't do
Swore I'd get some help
But those words are just perfume
I wear mine for someone else
I take time in this skeleton
Trying not to shed this skin
Trying not to die for something
I can't even see and I am
Holding onto sentences
Sentences so cold like
"Give it time" and "pills save lives"
And "this isn't as far as you can go"
Hear me
Reach out but don't come near me
I am out of control you know how it goes
You know this kind of screaming
And you know it loudest when the lights are out
Cathedrals in our minds built around doubt
We hear in the silence and scream without sound
But it echoes in the graveyard in the neighboring town
I am colder
You know it, I know it too
Are we getting worse as we're getting older
Or is it just getting harder to hide from view
Take some pills to get a night closer
Hating time for not moving forward
I want live, I want to stay
But I never thought I'd feel this disordered
Is there anyone
Who can h-e-l-p
Who can s-a-v-e
Track Name: H-E-L-P
So emotional
Lost in the binds of my control
slipping on a high that
Isn't coming down

So cruel to you
I don't let you know what I'm going through
And you let the silence speak for you
Saying only you know what you want right now

Why don't you help me?
Why do I say I'll be alright, alright
This isn't working
But if there's hope I'll stay up all night

This two am
Oh god I love seeing you again
Bluer in the moonlight than you've ever been
Two shadows in the room

And you wear eyes that come and go
A moment on me, the next on the door
And you're staring us both down like one of us will help you out
But neither of us turn around, neither of us move


The first few years I
Never even knew
That I made the best decision
Putting my trust in you
Through crashing waves at fifteen
To the several years of dark
You take me and my stories
And talk about them like they're art

So are you gonna save me
Are you gonna follow through
Are you gonna take me on the kitchen floor just to break me at the door
Can you crave me like I crave being pulled through

Track Name: The Cat Song
I think I'm losing my mind again.
I think we should just be friends.
This isn't how I wanted to end.

You know i like your heart
and the way you eyes glow in the dark
but I can't be your reason to hold on.

I can't seem to find the way you look at me
In all fish in the sea
I thought I made you happy.

But are we happy here
I guess not my dear
but i need you to keep my head clear

this is the end I guess
this is the end of us
this is the start of something different and distant
you are the one i loved
you were the one i'd trust
now you are the ghost i want to
keep haunting, keep haunting me

i promise that's the last time i'll scream at you
But what else could I do
There's nothing I could do to help you

I didn't mean to put my hopes and dreams
into someone who would leave
oh that's not fair to me and you know it too

Next time--there won't be a next time
Don't say that. So who takes the cat?
If you want to, you can clean up his poo and take him out for walks.

But he's a cat. He's not a dog.
Have you ever taken a cat for walks?
He will only want to sit on your laptop.

But this fight. We are fighting again.
This is so freaking stupid.
It's like cat-walking stupid.

That's just mean
I'm sorry
who keeps liking your pictures
that girl from the party
oh come on i don't even know her
and it's not your place so don't even go there

Remember when we invented new words
We couldn't stop laughing cause it's so absurd
Remember when we were crying have you heard
I'm trying to move on

I'm sorry I put this all on you
I'm sorry couldn't pull you threw
I was tired but I wasn't right
I am trying to be strong

This is the end I guess (this is the right thing)
This is the end again (we're doing the right thing)
This is the start of something new and distant

You are the one I loved (we'll be happy, we'll be happy again. We can be happy as friends)

And we can share the cat (meow)